Professional Development

I'm passionate about development because I believe each of us has a talent, a gift. I'm here to help you discover or amplify it. As an Educational Consultant, my goal is to help you to invest in the right learning and development plan. When you enhance your job knowledge and skills, you're developing your talent, an intangible wealth you own solely.

I currently offer professional development workshop and coaching sessions every quarter. Below are the courses that will be available through appointments.

Small Shop Essentials.png

Small Shop Essentials

2.0 hour workshop

Are you looking to set up a small shop, or looking to enhance your current online store? Get industry insights and learn best practices at this workshop to make your business competitive no matter where you are.

Communication Essentials.png

Communication Essentials

4.0 hour workshop

Learn to effectively engage with your audience by sharpening your business writing, active listening, presentation and public speaking skills.

SOP & process (1).png

SOP Writing & Process Mapping

3.0 hour workshop

Learn how to use process mapping to visually plan and manage your work flow. Learn to write effective Standard Operation Procedures (SOP). 

Introduction to.png

Intro to EQ

2.0 hour workshop

What is Emotional Intelligence? Learn about the basics and why is EQ important in leadership in this workshop.


Resume Essentials

1 hour session

Evergreen workshop

By appointment only

No fee

You should always be prepared for your next opportunity and it starts with a great resume! We will review your existing resume or create a new one if this is your first time. Click on "Book Now" for details.


Interview Essentials

1 hour session

Evergreen workshop

By appointment only

$40 per participant

A good interview is more than just setting your first impression and answering a set of questions. If you're preparing for your first interview or just needs to polish up, let meet and go over some helpful tips!