I received 6 years of formal training under the ABRSM's piano curriculum in Hong Kong (The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music) before making Guam my home. I initially majored in Secondary Education and Music at the University of Guam before obtaining both of my Bachelor and Master's degrees in Business.

The following professors have formally instructed me when I was a music major at UOG:

  • Dr. Lisa Lutter (Cantate and University of Singers)

  • Dr. Randall Johnson (voice)

  • Dr. Steven Bednarzyk (piano)

  • Dr. Cynthia Sajnovsky (music history and organ)

I'd love to share my musical knowledge and experience with your child if he/she is interested.

Objectives and Expectations

Performing arts, music and sports are often considered as extra-curriculum courses at schools, but the value and skills from these activities are often under appreciated.


Music has actually allowed me to be a better mathematician, observer and thinker. My musical journey has led me to meet amazing talents and to perform in a choir at spectacular places such as the Sydney Opera House.

Talent is given. Success is earned. Therefore, I expect my students to practice and always be prepared!

I want my students to grow an appreciation of their instruments, progress of talent development, and their musical journey just as I did. 


Curriculum will have foundation of the ABRSM exam components. Student will not only learn to play piano or sing but have a deeper understanding of their instruments through practical (musical pieces), sight reading, aural test, and music theory. 

I will conduct assessment before I begin lesson (assessment and first lesson are separated sessions). This will allow me to prepare material and lesson plan as each student will have a customized plan.

Additional information

  • One-time registration fee is $50 per student

  • Tuition starts at $40 per weekly session (Each session is between 45 min. to 1 hour)

  • I teach as young as 5 years old. Adult learners welcome!

  • Books and supply such as music staff paper will be provided

  • Currently I am doing home visits (your residence). Please provide piano or keyboard (must at least have 76 keys) for lesson and practice

  • Good hygiene practice such as hand washing before playing the piano, and gargling with mouth wash before singing will be practiced

  • Due to COVID19 pandemic, limited spots are available as I want to limit my travel and multiple contacts during the day to protect myself, students and their families.

  • Cash or PayPal are preferred payment methods.

If you have questions or concerns that I didn't address here, please feel free to connect with me!

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Private Music Lessons

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Virtual Music Class

The registration for this class is now closed.

Registration for virtual music class (mini choir) is now open for children who are attending public schools at age 6-9 and 10-12. Please click on "Book Now" for details.

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